Sunday, June 1, 2008

Teaching Abroad with a Dependent Spouse vs. Teaching Couple Abroad

You may not realise but there can be a big difference between teaching abroad with a dependent spouse and being a teaching couple abroad.

A teaching couple is where both partners are teachers working for the school. A dependent spouse is where one of the partners is not a teacher and not working at the school.

Some international schools have a two level system of benefits. One for single teachers and one for teaching couples, which leads to the question... where do teachers with dependents fit in?

Some schools do not offer any extra housing allowance for teachers with dependents, which means that even if you have a 4 person family, unless you are a teaching couple, you will receive the same housing allowance as a single teacher.

This can have a devestating effect on your finances, it is essential that you make sure you clarify with your new employer exactly how their benefits stack up for your dependents.

On the other hand, some international schools have a three tier system of benefits. They add a in-between level for teachers with dependents. Which means, you will not be doing as well as teaching couples, but you'll be given some added funds to find accomodation that fits the size of your family.

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