Friday, March 9, 2007

Do you travel much? Do you want to travel more?

As an international teacher I only teach around 185 days in a year. That means I have around 12 complete weeks vacation each year. I'm not counting long weekends here either!

So, I guess you could say that I travel loads! I've just bought new luggage tags for my back pack that I'm really excited about. I'm sure you're wondering how anyone can get excited about luggage tags! Well, these are bag tags like no other!

You see, Globalbagtag provides worldwide 24 hour protection for my luggage using the internet. And it's not just your luggage that's protected, Globalbagtags protect your home from thieves as well.

Your address isn't on the tags, your address is held on the Globalbagtag database and is only accessible to airport security and airlines via a secure internet website. Random thieves cannot check out your luggage tags then go and rob your house while you are away on a trip.

Does this sound good to you? I was so impressed with the idea that I bought myself a set. I haven't travelled with them yet, but they're on my bags ready for my next trip. They're pretty stylish too!

Just think, when you secure yourself a contract teaching overseas, you can inform Globalbagtags of your new address and start travelling right away, with complete peace of mind!

That's what I'm doing...

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