Thursday, March 15, 2007

FAME - The Musical

I have just returned from viewing the Senior Musical at my school. This year they chose to do FAME, a real memory tweeker for me. I grew up watching FAME on tv every week. They were very true to the music of the time, well, except for the rapping of the lead character.

It was funny seeing the students play characters who were teachers. I wonder which teachers they used as inspiration for their roles?

The most surprising part of the evening was the band that played through the whole musical. They were really good. These are the only kids in the kids that I teach that you might say are rather challenging. And, by international school levels only, at a regular school these boys would be angels. I enjoy teaching them because they are real characters. And, as I saw this evening, they're talented.

It's great to work in a school that can produce a musical like FAME and have the full support of the students, parents and faculty. The two performances were sold out; I got my ticket from a student who had discovered other commitments after buying the ticket.

I'm glad I went, it was a fun show.

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