Friday, March 30, 2007


I'll admit that I wasn't all that happy when the administrators at my school told me I had to go to the EARCOS conference. I thought I would find a better use of my time, I do have an assignment to write for my professional development course that I have yet to start! But I take it all back...

I have been attending workshops for the last two days, and I've learnt quite a lot. I've been attending mainly information literacy and information technology workshops. Wow, there's an awful lot I didn't know.

I've learnt about Wikis, more about using podcasts in education, how to construct eye-catching handouts that students are going to want to read and so much more.

I think the most exciting thing I've seen in the last two days is just what people are doing with podcasts to enhance good teaching practice. I know I've written a little bit about podcasts before, but I only scratched the surface of the great things you can do with Podcasts. I'm going to be looking into it further, and you can see what I post on my squidoo site dedicated to podcasting for educational purposes.

Another thing that has surprised me about the EARCOS conference is the number of people that have come from schools that aren't international schools. Now, you might have noticed that I promote teaching in international schools as the only kind of teaching institution in which you should be teaching, but even if teaching overseas isn't for you, you can attend the professional development conferences that we do. It's all good quality stuff.

Teaching Overseas Professional Development

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